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Team RV

At RV Connection, we believe in the power of freedom, family, and the great outdoors that the RV community cherishes. Born out of our deep-rooted passion and expertise from our milestones at our two Unlimited RV Dealerships, we’re not just another lender but a Team RV member. Especially in challenging times, we understand the burdens beyond finances: the strains on mental health, family, and hope.

With our specially tailored lending solutions, we’re committed to offering financial relief and bringing peace of mind so you can breathe easier and keep moving forward.

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Why Choose Us

Largest dealer payback

There are no surprise fees

No time commitment obligation

We simply want to show you the profits!

Lending should be as stress free as possible

We don’t have the overhead that some of our competitors have so more money directly back to you!

Partner with a team that brings 24/7 dedication, working as though you are our only client every single day.

You benefit from real-time support and know that your customers of all credit profiles are happy and supported.

Partnership that is based on trust, credibility, and honesty.

The 24/7 access to real time updates sets us apart!

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